Adaptive Policy for MX/Z Platforms - Cisco Meraki

Feb 5, 2021
MX Overview and Specs


Welcome to the Adaptive Policy for MX/Z Platforms - Cisco Meraki configuration guide provided by Integrity Hotel Partners. As a leading player in the Business and Consumer Services - Real Estate sector, we understand the importance of network performance and security for our industry. In this guide, we will provide you with comprehensive details and strategies to optimize your network to its fullest potential using Cisco Meraki's Adaptive Policy feature.

Understanding Adaptive Policy

Adaptive Policy is an advanced networking feature offered by Cisco Meraki on their MX/Z series platforms. It allows for granular and dynamic control of network traffic, enabling organizations to enhance security measures while maximizing network performance. This guide will walk you through the configuration and deployment process to help you leverage Adaptive Policy efficiently.

Benefits of Cisco Meraki's Adaptive Policy

Integrity Hotel Partners recognizes the following key benefits of implementing Adaptive Policy:

  • Enhanced network security by establishing strict access control policies.
  • Improved network performance through intelligent traffic prioritization.
  • Streamlined network management with real-time visibility and policy enforcement.
  • Increased scalability to accommodate growing network demands.
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure and security solutions.

Configuring Adaptive Policy

To configure Adaptive Policy effectively, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Accessing the Cisco Meraki Dashboard

First, ensure you have access to the Cisco Meraki Dashboard, where all network configuration and monitoring tasks take place. If you don't have an account yet, visit the Cisco Meraki website to create one. Once logged in, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Navigating to the Adaptive Policy Configuration Page

In the Cisco Meraki Dashboard, locate the MX/Z network you wish to configure Adaptive Policy for. Navigate to the "Security & SD-WAN" tab and select "Adaptive Policy" from the menu.

Step 3: Defining Policy Objects and Rules

Adaptive Policy operates based on policy objects and rules. Begin by defining policy objects, such as users, devices, applications, or destinations, that will be targets for traffic control. Then, create rules to enforce specific policies for those objects. These rules may include access control policies, prioritization schemes, or bandwidth limitations. Take the time to carefully consider your organization's requirements and define clear policies.

Step 4: Prioritizing and Optimizing Network Traffic

Once the policy objects and rules are configured, prioritize and optimize your network traffic according to your organization's needs. Adaptive Policy allows for real-time traffic insights, enabling you to identify critical applications or devices and prioritize their access to network resources. This ensures optimal network performance and minimizes potential bottlenecks. Experiment with different configurations to find the best balance between security and performance.

Step 5: Testing and Fine-Tuning

After implementing Adaptive Policy, it's essential to thoroughly test and fine-tune your network. Monitor the impact of the policy changes, gather feedback from end-users, and make adjustments accordingly. Continuous optimization is key to achieving the desired balance between security and performance.


Integrity Hotel Partners hopes this Adaptive Policy configuration guide for MX/Z Platforms - Cisco Meraki has provided you with valuable insights and actionable steps to optimize your network performance and security. By leveraging Cisco Meraki's Adaptive Policy, businesses in the Real Estate sector can enhance their digital infrastructure, improve customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our experts who are ready to assist you on your networking journey.

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