MV21 Installation Guide - Cisco Meraki

May 11, 2018
Security and SD-WAN


Welcome to Integrity Hotel Partners' MV21 Installation Guide, your go-to resource for installing the MV21 camera from Cisco Meraki. As leaders in the Real Estate industry, we understand the importance of security and surveillance in maintaining safe and secure environments.

Chapter 1: Understanding the MV21 Camera

The MV21 camera is a cutting-edge surveillance solution designed for businesses in various industries, including the Real Estate sector. It offers advanced features such as high-definition video capturing, motion detection, and cloud-based storage.

Chapter 2: Preparing for Installation

Prior to installing the MV21 camera, it is crucial to conduct a thorough site assessment to identify the ideal mounting location. This assessment should consider factors such as optimal viewing angles, sufficient power supply, and network connectivity.

2.1 Choosing the Mounting Location

When selecting the mounting location for your MV21 camera, consider areas with high foot traffic, entrances, parking lots, and other key areas where video surveillance is needed. Ensure that the location provides an unobstructed view and easy access for maintenance purposes.

2.2 Ensuring Power Supply

The MV21 camera requires a stable power source to function properly. It is recommended to have a dedicated power outlet nearby or to use Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology for convenient and reliable power delivery.

2.3 Establishing Network Connectivity

To access the camera's features remotely, a stable network connection is essential. Ensure that the installation location is within range of your network's Wi-Fi signal or consider utilizing Ethernet cables for a wired connection.

Chapter 3: Installing the MV21 Camera

Now that you have completed the necessary preparations, it's time to proceed with the installation process of your MV21 camera. Follow these steps carefully to ensure a successful installation:

3.1 Mounting the Camera

To mount the MV21 camera, use the provided mounting bracket and screws to secure it firmly in the chosen location. Make sure the camera is level and adjust the angle for optimal coverage.

3.2 Powering the Camera

If using PoE, connect an Ethernet cable from a PoE switch or injector into the camera's Ethernet port. Alternatively, if using a power outlet, plug the camera's power adapter into a nearby socket.

3.3 Network Configuration

Connect the MV21 camera to your network by either using the Wi-Fi setup wizard or connecting an Ethernet cable from the camera to your network switch. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by the Meraki dashboard to complete the network configuration process.

Chapter 4: Configuring the MV21 Camera

Once the camera is successfully installed and connected to the network, it's time to configure its settings for optimal performance. The Meraki dashboard provides a user-friendly interface to customize various aspects of the camera's functionality:

4.1 Setting Video Quality and Resolution

Adjust the video quality and resolution settings based on your specific requirements. Higher resolution options provide more detailed footage but may require larger storage capacity.

4.2 Configuring Motion Detection

Enable and fine-tune the motion detection settings to receive alerts and notifications when the camera detects movement in its field of view. This feature enhances security by keeping you aware of any suspicious activity.

4.3 Setting Storage and Retention

Determine the storage and retention policy for the captured footage. The Meraki dashboard allows you to configure cloud-based storage options and specify the duration for which recorded videos should be retained.

Chapter 5: Accessing and Managing Camera Feeds

With the MV21 camera installed and configured, you can now easily access and manage its live feeds and recorded footage. The Meraki dashboard provides convenient features for seamless camera management:

5.1 Accessing Camera Feeds Remotely

Utilize the Meraki dashboard's web-based interface or mobile app to access the MV21 camera's live feeds from anywhere, at any time. This allows you to monitor your property and ensure the safety of your premises at all times.

5.2 Reviewing Recorded Footage

Effortlessly search and review recorded footage using the Meraki dashboard's intuitive timeline feature. Filter through events and timestamps to quickly find the relevant footage you need for investigation or monitoring purposes.

5.3 Managing Multiple Cameras

If you have multiple MV21 cameras installed, the Meraki dashboard simplifies camera management through its centralized interface. Easily configure and monitor the settings of all your cameras from a unified platform.

Chapter 6: Troubleshooting

In the rare event that you encounter any issues with your MV21 camera, this troubleshooting section provides useful tips and solutions to common problems:

6.1 Camera Not Powering On

If the camera does not power on, ensure that the power supply is properly connected. Check for any faulty cables or power outlets, and try using a different power source if necessary.

6.2 Connectivity Issues

If you experience network connectivity problems, first verify that your network is functioning correctly. Ensure that the camera is within range of the Wi-Fi signal or that the Ethernet connection is secure and properly configured.

6.3 Poor Image Quality

If the camera's image quality is subpar, adjust the video quality settings within the Meraki dashboard. Additionally, ensure that the camera lens is clean and free from any obstructions that may affect image clarity.


Congratulations! You have successfully completed the installation and configuration of your MV21 camera from Cisco Meraki. Integrity Hotel Partners is proud to provide this comprehensive installation guide to assist you in maintaining a secure and protected environment for your business.

Remember, in the Real Estate industry, having efficient and reliable surveillance systems is crucial for ensuring the safety of your properties and tenants. With the MV21 camera, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a powerful tool to protect your investment.

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