How can I create VLANs on MS-220 switch?

Sep 21, 2022
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Welcome to Integrity Hotel Partners, your go-to resource for expert advice on business and consumer services in the real estate industry. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of creating VLANs on an MS-220 switch. VLANs, or Virtual Local Area Networks, are a crucial aspect of network management, allowing you to segment and optimize your network for improved performance and security.

Understanding VLANs

Before diving into the specifics of creating VLANs on an MS-220 switch, let's first understand what VLANs are and their significance. A VLAN is a logical network, created within a physical network, that allows you to separate devices and control traffic flow. By dividing a network into VLANs, you can enhance security, simplify network management, and improve overall network performance.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating VLANs

Step 1: Accessing the MS-220 Switch

The first step in creating VLANs on an MS-220 switch is accessing the switch's management interface. Connect to the switch using a web browser by entering its IP address. Log in with the appropriate credentials to gain access to the switch's administration dashboard.

Step 2: Navigating to VLAN Configuration

Once you are logged in, navigate to the VLAN configuration section. This can typically be found under the "Network Settings" or a similar menu option. Consult the switch's user manual or documentation for specific guidance on locating the VLAN configuration settings.

Step 3: Creating a VLAN

With the VLAN configuration section open, you can now begin creating your VLANs. Click on the "Create VLAN" button or a similar option to initiate the VLAN creation process. Make sure to assign each VLAN a unique identifier or tag, and consider providing a descriptive name to easily identify the purpose of each VLAN.

Step 4: Configuring VLAN Parameters

Once you have created a VLAN, you need to configure its parameters. These parameters include VLAN tagging, IP address settings, subnet masks, and VLAN membership. Be thorough in configuring these settings, ensuring they align with your network requirements and adhere to best practices.

Step 5: Assigning Ports to VLANs

In order for devices to be part of a specific VLAN, you need to assign the appropriate ports to that VLAN. Navigate to the port configuration section and select the desired ports for each VLAN. Ensure that ports are correctly tagged or untagged depending on your network setup.

Step 6: Verifying VLAN Configuration

After assigning ports to VLANs, it is crucial to verify the configuration to ensure everything is functioning as intended. Test connectivity between VLANs, check for any configuration errors, and ensure that devices within each VLAN are able to communicate effectively.


Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to create VLANs on an MS-220 switch. By implementing VLANs, you can optimize your network, improve security, and streamline network management. Integrity Hotel Partners is dedicated to providing you with the best resources and expertise in the real estate industry. Stay tuned for more guides and insights to help you excel in your business and consumer services endeavors.

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