Solved: Re: Move an AP between networks

Mar 20, 2018


Welcome to the solution for moving an Access Point (AP) between networks, brought to you by Integrity Hotel Partners, experts in the field of Business and Consumer Services - Real Estate. In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with valuable insights and step-by-step instructions on how to seamlessly transition your AP to another network.

Understanding the Importance of a Smooth Network Transition

When it comes to maintaining a reliable and efficient wireless LAN infrastructure, being able to move an AP between networks is crucial. Whether you're expanding your network coverage, upgrading your equipment, or simply optimizing your network layout, a smooth transition ensures uninterrupted connectivity for your guests and clients.

Step-by-Step Guide: Moving an AP between Networks

1. Assess the Current Network Setup

Before you begin the process of moving an AP, it's essential to evaluate your current network setup. Take note of the network topology, including the locations of existing APs, wired connections, and any specific configurations or settings that might affect the transition.

2. Plan the AP Movement

Based on your assessment, plan the physical relocation of the AP. Consider factors such as the desired coverage area, the availability of power outlets, and any potential obstacles that may affect signal strength.

3. Update Network Documentation

Ensure that your network documentation remains up to date by reflecting the changes you're about to make. Update the network diagrams, IP addresses, access control configurations, and any other relevant information. This documentation will be valuable for troubleshooting and future network maintenance.

4. Communicate with Network Administrators

Inform your network administrators, IT team, or any other relevant parties about the AP move. Collaboration and clear communication are vital to ensure everyone is aware of the changes and can assist if any issues arise during the transition process.

5. Safely Disconnect the AP

Prioritize the safety of your equipment and personnel. Safely disconnect the AP by following the manufacturer's guidelines. Unplug any power or Ethernet cables connected to the AP.

6. Physically Move the AP

Carefully relocate the AP to its new desired position, ensuring that it is securely mounted and positioned for optimal coverage. Be mindful of the new network's infrastructure requirements and ensure all physical connections are properly established.

7. Connect the AP to the New Network

Reconnect the AP to the new network by plugging in the necessary power and Ethernet cables. Refer to your network documentation to configure any specific settings required for the new network, such as IP addressing, VLAN settings, or encryption protocols.

8. Test the AP Connectivity

Once the AP is connected to the new network, run tests to ensure proper connectivity and signal strength. Verify that the AP appears on your network management software and that it is broadcasting the correct SSID.

9. Update Access Control Settings

If applicable, update any access control settings to align with the new network configuration. This may include updating authentication methods, access lists, or other security measures.


Congratulations! You have successfully moved an AP between networks while maintaining uninterrupted wireless connectivity. By following this comprehensive guide provided by Integrity Hotel Partners, industry leaders in Business and Consumer Services - Real Estate, you have ensured the smooth transition of your wireless LAN infrastructure.

Remember, proper planning, documentation, and communication are key to achieving a successful AP move. If you require further assistance or have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our expert team at Integrity Hotel Partners. We are here to provide the best solutions for all your network infrastructure needs.

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